Introducing the woman behind it all. 

Anna Rossi is born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She works out of her studio, interacting with clients to build custom pieces, kits and shopping experiences of the highest quality.


As a child, Anna would spend her time playing with her Nonna’s jewellery collection. She would line up the pieces and arrange them like a shop, fascinated with the designs, textures and form of the chains. Every weekend Anna would attend the trash and treasure market with her Nonna, collecting bags of jewellery to take home and play with.

“Jewellery has always been in my blood” says Anna.

Anna has an extensive background in high-end retail, working in the fashion and beauty industry for nearly 25 years. This experience has given her an incredible eye for quality and the ability to foresee the timelessness of each piece she sources.

“What I love about my job is that I still get to listen to peoples stories and help to brighten their day. You never know what people are going through. A pair of earrings and some kind words can absolutely change their day”